We offer specialized 1:1 instruction for students who need extra practice, remediation, or advancement in Reading, Comprehension, Writing, Math, and Science.    

Welcome to Encinitas Learning Center’s tutoring for Reading, Writing, Comprehension, Math, Science & Spanish

The Encinitas Learning Center offers tutoring for:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Comprehension
  • Math
  • Science
  • Spanish

We work with students with Dyslexia, Auditory and Visual Processing, Speech Deficits and other Learning Differences as well as neuro-typical students. We are here to help families who are faced with doing school at home!

Tutoring children in Encinitas

Providing Students the Boost They Need!

We offer fantastic tutoring to give students a giant boost in their weakest areas. Our one-on-one reading, writing and comprehension program utilizes our multisensory, phonemic, Lindamood-Bell approach in which we at Encinitas Learning Center are experts. This program helps kids in a way that a regular school program will not. Students can progress one entire reading level in 60 hours of instruction!

Encinitas Learning Center’s CATCH UP program intensive for reading, writing & comprehension offers dramatic results. Our reading specialists will provide the needed support to get students at grade level. Sessions are typically only 2 hours a day two to five days a week.

ELC’s Lessons are always one-on-one!

Call us Today at 760-634-6886 for a registration form or email us at: encinitaslearningcenter@yahoo.com

Starter Option: 10 hours per month on demand, you call when you need us to set a time to work.

TLC Option: Brief assessment of learning skills, work on most challenging areas 3 hours a week for six weeks.

Laser-Focus Option: Enroll for 1-2 Hours a day for six weeks intensive training.

Reserve Your Child's Place Here or call 760-634-6886

Include: Parent's name(s), child's name and grade, and your phone number and we will be in contact shortly to schedule the Pre-Program Assessment. We are happy to answer your questions and support you in the goals you have for your child.

“By the end of summer, my 9 year old walked out with her head high and shoulders back and so excited to take on a new school year.”

We are here to support you! We have parent resources and live, online tutoring options from our expert staff. Call Lynda DETWEILER for more information 760-634-6886