7 Good Study Habits to Help Your Child Succeed in School

Parents have an enormous influence on how a child tackles the challenges of school, studying and homework. The most important gift a parent can offer their students is involvement. The child will project confidence if he or she feels the parents are rooting for them in the background.

Discover some ways to set them up for success.

Turn off the Electricity

No, not the lights. But power down the cell phones, landlines, televisions, radios, and any streaming services during homework time. Focusing on the task at hand is easier when there are no distractions. You send a powerful message if your child sees you quietly reading during this no electricity period — time to settle down and get the job done.

Be Involved

If your child has flashcards, pitch in as the holder of the cards until he or she knows every one of them. If they have a spelling test the next day, give them practice tests until they score a hundred percent. Studying becomes fun if they have someone to hang with them. It also helps those children who can’t seem to sit still to stay put if mom or dad are beside them.

Help Set a Weekly or Monthly Strategy

The best way to avoid the dreaded cram before a test or big paper is to chip away at the goal a little bit each day. Have them write down the deadlines or test dates and then work backward to determine what they can accomplish toward that goal each day. The final push will always entail much work, but when they’ve completed so much of the groundwork, they can use the extra time to review it again or edit some more.

Show an Interest in what they are Studying

Have you forgotten your US History from decades ago? Are you still wondering how that experiment worked in high school? A child that explains what they are learning will have an easier time recalling it for a test or class discussion if they have already practiced it on you. Plus, you may have some facts to impress your friends with at your next social gathering.

Provide Healthy Food and Support Good Sleep Habits

No matter how much your child learns, if they don’t start the day with a healthy breakfast and a good night’s sleep, they’ll be at a disadvantage the moment the morning bell rings. For the younger children, keep a strict bedtime practice. For older children, encourage good sleep habits by practicing them yourself. The children today work hard at school, sports and other after school activities. Eating a healthy dinner and breakfast will keep them alert and strong, and having a bedtime ritual will help.

Teach Self Reliance

The hardest thing a parent can do is to allow their child to fail. If they refuse to complete a specific assignment or study for a test, sometimes the best medicine is a poor grade. Be there to catch them when they fail, and be there to help develop a strategy to avoid the same problem the next time. They have to want to succeed, and if they see you help them out of tight spots, it could encourage them to do better the next time.

Celebrate the Wins

When your child does well take the time to acknowledge the success, even a little cheer at dinner can work wonders for a child’s ego after they’ve put themselves out there and tried. Never underestimate the influence you hold with regards to your child succeeding in school.


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