What advice do you have for working moms who are going back to work and making sure her kids are still keeping up to date with school work?

This is a question I have been thinking a lot about the last few days. It is a real dilemma to realize how to keep children from losing heart around school and learning when it is not given priority in their lives. Parents are eager to go back to their jobs and earn their income again, I get that, but what to do with the kids?  

kids not doing school work

     Encinitas Learning Center is primed and ready to take over the support while at home school activities and can do this on line very easily. It might be possible to combine households for an hour or two a day to give some sense of classmates meeting together and our teachers can help with the assignments given earlier in the day from the school district’s on line classroom teacher. So individual families can access our help line as often as they need, but if that is financially difficult, splitting costs with another family and meeting virtually with a classmate on line and doing the same lessons together. It is something that takes a bit of arranging, and of course, Grandma or a sitter will have to be supervising the home – but the actual homework session can still be done with success while parents are off at work.My thought recently was that a stipend or possible tax break can be generated to support the cost for parents during this time that can off set the on line tutoring costs for ELC to be involved and possibly even the baby sitter as well.
     The more cogent point in this time of scrambling to make sense of everyone’s life while observing the rules of social distancing is that not all students can learn in this kind of environment. The students that were struggling under the best of circumstances are now being asked to do their lessons in the least conducive environment for learning – for them. . .

     At ELC, we work with students who struggle to learn, so we are able to accommodate their styles of taking in information and even work on improving efficiency of processing so that they can achieve success even in these trying times.

     I was discussing this with Mrs. Tucker just this week and in her words, “We were given 12 hours’ notice to take on a whole new profession, that being a teacher and my relationship with my son is suffering – we are both frustrated”. This was a young boy whom we had assessed several weeks ago to find that he had auditory processing issues that underlie his reading challenges. No wonder he is miserable, now the person he would normally go to for strength and consolation about difficulties at school IS the teacher! This is not going well and my fear is that will shape his feelings about the learning event from now on.

     We are here to support you during this difficult time! Whether it is out of necessity because you are lucky enough to be going back to work and your child is needing support to get his work done, or you find it too frustrating to work with your own child because they have need of a trained professional to come at the lesson in an innovative way – we are here to do that part and let you go back to being the safe place for your kids to nestle at days’ end.

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