5 Mistakes Parents Make When Their Child is Struggling in School

In my many years of dealing with schools and establishing eligibility for Independent Education Plan (IEP) services, some things have become evident and should be discussed.  First let me say teachers are dedicated to the well-being and success of our students. This is true across all districts. However, the funding schools get is finite and Read more about 5 Mistakes Parents Make When Their Child is Struggling in School[…]

Cognitive Training Vs. Tutoring

Tutoring vs Cognitive Training

Cognitive skills training and tutoring are very different solutions for very different problems: Teaching and tutoring provide information. Cognitive training strengthens the skills the brain uses to grasp that information. This is why families of students with an underlying cognitive weakness can find themselves using tutors year after year.  For children with weak skills, the Read more about Tutoring vs Cognitive Training[…]

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