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Boys as Relational Learners

Boys as Relational Learners Boys as Relational Learners Summary Summary By Rene Noga How Will The Summer Program Help Learning, Organization & Attention? “How Strengthening Relationships with Boys can Help them Learn”  by Deborah Farmer Kris appeared in Mind Shift, Jan 29, 2020 She offers this advice: Strengthen boys resilience to be themselves Avoid stereotypes about Read more about Boys as Relational Learners[…]

Students Learning In After School Programs

How can Students Get Control Over Distractions

How can Students Get Control Over Distractions Without intervention, attention problems, with or without an official ADD diagnosis, continue into adulthood with huge negative consequences in all aspects of life. The good news is there are research proven approaches that develop necessary control over the focus of attention required in school, work, home and community. Read more about How can Students Get Control Over Distractions[…]

Dyslexia Treatment Encinitas CA


Dyslexia Defined: Symptoms, Causes and Support in Encinitas, CA Dyslexia is a term widely used to describe learning disabilities of all kinds. Commonly, dyslexia is used to describe visual processing disorders and reading difficulties. What is Dyslexia? Newest research identifies dyslexia as a neuro-processing difference, NOT just a reading problem It is associated with a Read more about Dyslexia[…]

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