Dyslexia Treatment Encinitas CA


Dyslexia Defined: Symptoms, Causes and Support in Encinitas, CA Dyslexia is a term widely used to describe learning disabilities of all kinds. Commonly, dyslexia is used to describe visual processing disorders and reading difficulties. What is Dyslexia? Newest research identifies dyslexia as a neuro-processing difference, NOT just a reading problem It is associated with a Read more about Dyslexia[…]

Interactive Metronome

Interactive Metronome (IM) was developed in the early 1990s and is used to help children with learning and developmental disorders as well as adult neuro rehabilitation patients. IM is a neuro-motor assessment & treatment tool used in therapy to improve the neurological processes of motor planning and sequencing. The IM program provides a structured, goal-oriented Read more about Interactive Metronome[…]


ADD/ADHD: Deficits in the area of concentration, impulsivity, energy management, completion of tasks and retention of information are often exhibited by students with ADD/ADHD. With appropriate interventions, improvement can often can be seen and measured quickly. Programs such as FastForword® and Samonas®, Interactive Metronome® or the Learning Ears® program can help to calm impulses and Read more about ADD/ADHD[…]

Auditory Processing

Auditory Processing is the ability to hear individual sounds within words (c-a-t), hold the sound of a word in order to compare it to another word (“cat” versus “cad”), and discern whether the two words are the same or different. Traditional hearing tests may indicate that a student’s hearing is “within normal limits” but hearing and Read more about Auditory Processing[…]

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