Dyslexia Defined: Symptoms, Causes and Support in Encinitas, CA

Dyslexia is a term widely used to describe learning disabilities of all kinds. Commonly, dyslexia is used to describe visual processing disorders and reading difficulties.

Dyslexia Treatment Encinitas CAWhat is Dyslexia?

  • Newest research identifies dyslexia as a neuro-processing difference, NOT just a reading problem
  • It is associated with a left hemisphere brain difference 
  • Dyslexia is not associated with intelligence
  • Underlying elements include genetics, perceptive cognitive levels, brain level differences, and environmental factors

The challenge for students with dyslexia is that they are often susceptible to falling behind their peers in academic skills. It’s hard to keep up and get excited about learning when reading is labored and slow. 

Signs to Watch for?

  • Trouble naming letters
  • Difficulty with letter sounds and rhyming words
  • Decoding problems

Click for a full list of 18 signs to watch for related to dyslexia.

Brain Training

The good news is that our brains can be trained to create new neurological patterns and strengthen areas of the brain that may not have developed properly for reading skills. The brain is an organ that changes and improves with experience. Just as the muscles can be strengthened with repeated, specific exercise, the brain benefits from specific, repeated training too.   

Strengths of People with Dyslexia!

(from the Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity)

  • Excellent thinking skills: conceptualization, reasoning, imagination, abstraction
  •  Learning accomplished best through meaning rather than rote memorization
  • Ability to get the “big picture”
  • A high level of understanding of what is read to him/her
  • A surprisingly sophisticated listening vocabulary
  •  Excellence in areas such as math, computers, and visual arts, or excellence in more conceptual (versus factoid-driven) subjects such as philosophy, biology, social studies, neuroscience, and creative writing

How Encinitas Learning Center Can Help

An individualized program applied in a professional setting is extremely effective whether applying one technology or a combination of technologies. Performing a screening for auditory processing problems can also help to rule out any auditory problems that may need to be addressed. For students with dyslexia or other reading difficulties, the programs at Encinitas Learning Center lead to huge improvements in classroom or workplace performance.

What was it Like Growing Up as a Child with Dyslexia?

Here’s Maggie’s Story [Video Testimonial] 

We are here to support you! We have parent resources and live, online tutoring options from our expert staff. Call Lynda DETWEILER for more information 760-634-6886