How can Students Get Control Over Distractions

Without intervention, attention problems, with or without an official ADD diagnosis, continue into adulthood with huge negative consequences in all aspects of life. The good news is there are research proven approaches that develop necessary control over the focus of attention required in school, work, home and community. Encinitas Learning Center’s FACT trains students to focus on something in the environment (teacher, homework, peer, supervisor, family member, etc. ) while something else strongly competes for the same attention. The program also trains participants to re-focus their attention when distracted by their internal, often intelligent and creative, thoughts.

Stimulant medications are still the most common treatment for attention problems. However, they may not work for the student, maybe not be sufficient or the parent may not choose this for their child. Additional approaches are frequently desired either in place of or in addition to medication. Approaches that train the brain to pay better attention have been successfully used for many years but only recently has rigorous scientific research confirmed effectiveness.

According to a recent study, “…the main activity is a cognitive and intention-based process characterized by self-regulation and attention to the present moment with an open and accepting orientation towards one’s experience.” Research has demonstrated that mindfulness can modify attention networks of the brain, change EEG patterns and dopamine levels, and change neural (brain) activity. According to DR. David Rabiner, Senior Research Scientist at Duke University, attention training that “…can be thought of as a type of attention/cognitive exercise program that is focused in improving self regulation – is a complementary treatment that is well worth investigating”.

Those with attention issues often struggle with low self-esteem. However they are often described as having tremendous creativity, energy, and sensitivity. Therefore, helping students recognize and control their unique strengths is included in our programs.

As with all our programs, FACT fosters mastery one manageable successful step at a time. Pre- and posttest assessment offer participants concrete evidence of progress. We always remind participants, “All successful students have several things in common like good skills and confidence, but only when you control your attention do you truly become the success you and others know is possible”.

Focusing Attention for Complete Thinking

Students must control overwhelming external and internal distractions and we teach them how to do that. FACT’s Pay Attention! Curriculum systematically trains students to control external distractions while FACT’s Mindfulness curriculum helps refocus attention when distracted by internal, often intelligent and creative (as well as overly worried and sensitive), thoughts. Using mindfulness to control attention is easy to learn and very difficult to master so unique strategies are used to help students develop this viral skill.

Benefits of Complete Thinking

  • Improve sustained attention
  • Speed up processing
  • Become less Distracted
  • Shift Attention between multiple tasks
  • Pay attention to multiple sources of information at one time
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Improve mood
  • Improve reading comprehension
  • Perform better in school

FACT, as with all of our programs, fosters mastery one manageable successful step at a time.

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