August 31, 2015

Initial Consultation

Initial consultation with one of our expert staff will determine services that best fit the needs of your student.

Screening :  Some students get “lost in the system” and so we strive to provide our students with the correct “road map” to navigate that system successfully and this is one of the greatest gifts we can offer them. When working with those with learning differences, it is important to be a quality diagnostician. At ELC, we diagnose the student’s strengths and weaknesses in order to accurately target the specific areas needing remediation and prescribe the explicit instruction needed.

Cognitive Screening in EncinitasOur initial Cognitive Screening includes the six major skill groups and a behavior rating scale for parents to help us pinpoint the concerns. The six skill group sub-tests cover:

  • Processing Speed
  • Working Memory
  • Long Term Memory
  • Visual Processing
  • Auditory Processing
  • Logic & Reasoning 

The findings report is provided that same day along with our recommendations for treatment or further testing.

Testing: The Encinitas Learning Center provides extensive assessments to determine a working diagnosis including dyslexia, auditory processing deficit, and now offers the Scantron Assessment of Educational Performance, a computerized diagnostic test for students.. This test is based on California State Curriculum standards and is a helpful tool for parents and educators to determine if there are any learning gaps as well as strengths and areas in need of additional support.

For more information see: Scantron Performance

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