Why are students not studying during the COVID-19 lockdown?

I think there are a number of issues as to what is going on.

Our lives are all so disrupted, and most people don’t have a proper schedule, nor the motivation to have one, which is causing brain fog for many people. Myself included!
Also, I feel like in terms of academics, I think many kids feel like there is no accountability for predominantly online work.  No accountability, and the idea that this year is simply a wash, so why not go with it. 
Worse, I think that many parents feel the same – including those parents whose kids have learning issues.  Parents are overwhelmed, and they feel that since schooling is undergoing such a flux, their own child is now in the same boat as everyone else! 
Obviously, having a schedule for the kids would help a lot, such as specific times of the day for learning set aside.  They can be slugs the rest of the day if necessary! 

 As for the rest, we need more parents to understand that while some kids will be able to just jump back into a full load of academics, many will really falter, and will effectively need to redo this year.  So, a firm schedule for learning, parents who are on top of and supportive of their child’s new learning reality, and finally, maybe a motivator for the kids.  That would be a personal, per family sort of thing. Lets face it, in terms of whats going on, most kids would happily sit around all day on Tiktok, watching YouTube, or texting with their friends.  This has to become meaningful for them, and if they are unable to understand its impact on their future, perhaps a more immediate reward is in order.  A new game?  Book?  Virtual party with friends?

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