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The Encinitas Learning Center uses a variety of different learning programs to reach and teach its students and tailors the programs to support each student’s individual needs.
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Fast ForWord®

Founded in 1996, Scientific Learning combines the latest advances in brain research and propriety technology to create products and services that developing learning and communication skills. Based upon more than 30 years of neuroscience research, Scientific Learning’s Fast ForWord family of products use patented technology to target the language and reading skills widely recognized as the fundamental keys to all learning.

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Interactive Metronome®

Interactive Metronome (IM) was developed in the early 1990s and is used to help children with learning and developmental disorders as well as adult neuro rehabilitation patients. IM is a neuro-motor assessment & treatment tool used in therapy to improve the neurological processes of motor planning and sequencing.

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P.A.C.E® (by LearningRx)

After 30 years of testing and clinical research, PACE for Processing and Cognitive Enhancement was launched. It is rapidly become the leading cognitive training program in the USA. The purpose of the intense PACE program is to produce significant changes quickly so that the student sees the changes and stays motivated to learn. These programs are customizable to each individual student’s needs, and attack the cause of learning problems rather than symptoms. Per LearningRx, average gains exceed 3.6 years in learning skills in 12 weeks and 5.2 years in reading in 18 weeks.

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The Listening Program®

The Listening Program’s psycho-acoustically modified music and patent-pending production techniques are designed to stimulate, or “exercise” the different functions of the auditory processing system. This enables the brain to better receive, process, store and utilize the valuable information provided through the varied soundscapes in our lives such as music, language and the environment in which we live.

Offering academic tutoring and special education services to help students build self esteem through the building of skills.

Individualized programs, proactive innovation and the most advanced technologies help our students learn important academic strategies and improve their processing so that lessons are mastered more quickly and solidly retained.
Individualized proactive innovative utilizing advanced technologies

Our Encinitas Learning Center provides nurturing academic support during the school year, after school and throughout summer to help students stay current with their school and homework and learn strategies to help them be more independent and successful. Our ELC Academy (nonpublic school) provides full day instruction and extended school year (ESY) instruction on a 1:1 or small group basis for students in grades 2 – 8 with mild to moderate learning differences. The ELC Academy is one of the few schools in the nation to combine core curriculum instruction with programs such as Fast ForWord®, IM Metronome® and other such computer/technology support on a daily basis. Our academy is directed by a speech and language pathologist offering a unique level of support to children needing more intensive assistance in the areas of expressive and receptive language!

  • With appropriate interventions, improvement can often can be seen and measured quickly.

  • Traditional hearing tests may indicate that a student’s hearing is “within normal limits” but hearing and being able to discern what is heard can be two different things for someone with an auditory processing deficit.

  • Programs such as Fast Forword® and PACE®, when coupled with phonemic awareness intervention and California Project Read and Guided Writing Programs, can make a huge improvement in classroom or workplace performance.

Our Educators

Our professional staff welcomes the opportunity to work with parents, students and schools to support each student’s needs and to help each client reach his/her full potential.


Director Encinitas Learning Center Academy
Lynda earned a Master’s Degree from Northridge University and has over 40 years of experience in Communication Disorders.


Special Education Teacher with Autism credential
Jan has a BS in Psychology and teaching credentials in multiple subject and special education. She has been with Encinitas Learning Center since 2010 and is passionate about helping her students be successful in both school and life.


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