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"Human resources are the most valuable assets the world has. They are all needed desperately."

Elenore Roosevelt

Biology Class



Reliability Evidence for the Gibson Assessment of Cognitive Skills.

Dr. Ken Gibson, a specialist in pediatric visual processing, designed The Gibson Test as a first step to helping children and adults overcome learning struggles. The test identifies weaknesses in cognitive skills that are making life more difficult than it needs to be.


The latest in brain science. The LearningRx brain training programs were developed by Dr. Ken Gibson and are the product of over 35 years of ongoing research, testing, and development. This in-depth dedication has allowed us to modify and improve our cognitive skills training to attain optimum results. LearningRx programs focus on the underlying skills that are critical to performance and strengthen them to make learning easier. To date, the LearningRx programs have enhanced the lives of over 100,000 clients of all ages.


Harvard Executive Function & Self-Regulation Research.

Founded in 1996, Scientific Learning combines the latest advances in brain research and propriety technology to create products and services that develop learning and communication skills. Based upon more than 30 years of neuroscience research, Scientific Learning’s Fast ForWord family of products uses patented technology to target the language and reading skills widely recognized as the fundamental keys to all learning.

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Used in the treatment of ADHD, autism, sensory processing disorder, learning disabilities, developmental delays, speech-language issues, and more. Interactive Metronome (IM) was developed in the early 1990s and is used to help children with learning and developmental disorders as well as adult neurorehabilitation patients. IM is a neuro-motor assessment & and treatment tool used in therapy to improve the neurological processes of motor planning and sequencing.


Used in the treatment of Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, for students with children, teenagers, or adults who struggle with spelling, reading, and writing.

The Barton Reading & Spelling System was designed as an intense intervention for students who struggle to easily and accurately decode words when reading (despite being taught phonics), who by second grade are slow and inaccurate readers (are missing the oral reading fluency benchmarks), and who have always struggled with spelling – especially when writing sentences, stories, and compositions.

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