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Q & A

How do cognitive skills impact learning in class and at home?

When we learn, incoming information is grasped and processed through seven core brain skills. These skills work together to move information into the stored knowledge we need to succeed in school, work, and life. 

Can weak cognitive skills be outgrown?

Typically, weak cognitive skills do not get stronger simply with age, which is why children who struggle often grow into adults who struggle. While good schools, teachers,m and tutors may excel at delivering information, their roles are not designed to provide the kind of cognitive training that targets and strengthens weak skills.

How do I know if my child needs tutoring or brain training?

When you have to constantly repeat a second time for your child to understand what you are asking; that's when you know! When your child is struggling to grasp the information even for the second time, hiring a tutor to redeliver the information missed, will not solve the problem. 

Brain training will change your child's ability to grasp and process information the first time is presented.

How do ELC programs work?

Our research-based programs consist of customized mental exercises, done intensively and repeatedly over 12 to 32 weeks. This format is key to life-changing results.

Can digital brain exercises help?

They are great for staying sharp and you can see small changes. But for life-changing improvements, you need a plan, you need a commitment, and you need consistency and intensity on a weekly basis.

Is brain training just for students?

No. Our research shows that children and adults of all ages, including career and senior adults struggle with attention and memory issues, as well as cognitive weakness associated with concussions and brain injuries.

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