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Father  11/14/22

Lynda and the team at ELC are amazing in understanding the root cause of the learning issues any child faces and drawing up a specific plan to address their needs. The staff are extremely kind and patient and go the extra mile to make sure the child’s needs are the top priority. Our kid showed significant improvement over the course of 8 weeks across various areas including reading comprehension and attention skills. Her confidence also improved significantly.
I would happily recommend ELC as a great place for parents seeking to address any learning issues and serve as a bridge to support the overall curriculum.

Mother  5/10/22

I’m so happy that I found ELC. I was so desperate to find my son the help that he needed. Everyone is amazing. My son is so happy and thriving. Improving every day thanks to everyone at the Encinitas Learning Center.

SAM TRINK, Mother  4/15/22

First of all, it’s hard to find a place that really understands kids' needs and works well with them. If you are here you know as I do it’s such a difficult path to go down. My son is very complicated, to say the least. He has ASD, TBI, severe auditory and visual processing, high sensory integration, Irlen's Syndrome, extreme anxiety, dyslexia and does not trust anyone. We have not been successful anywhere until here at ELC. Lynda got him in every way and I was taken back. I didn’t have to tell her his needs or what we had found that worked for him. She told me and I kept saying yep that’s it!!!! She understands how auditory and visual processing affects the ability to learn. They know when to push but not too much. They are looking at body language, fidgeting, and behaviors to make sure he is okay. They work with you and your child, not against you. One saying that really sticks with me is when Lynda said to me,” We are not going to force him to learn our way there are over 20 ways he can learn we just need to figure out which one works best for him.


As you can tell I highly, highly recommend ELC. I have referred other parents that have been so frustrated with the access to learning and all live me for recommending ELC. After you speak with Lynda you will understand it all !!!!


My daughter struggled with reading (still at the age of 12), and Encinitas Learning Center re-inspired her to WANT to read! Over the course of the program, she actually enjoyed going in to be with her tutors because they made it fun. It was so nice to see her playing learning games when I picked her up, and they gave her plenty of activity breaks during the sessions too. I'm so happy I invested our time and money into this because now she seems to read with ease, and without so much frustration. I'm so thankful for the team here because I know they put so much energy and patience into working with their students.


LAURA McGEE, Leave Strong Divorce Services 7/20/21

The work that Lynda and her team of professionals can do is truly transformative. Your child or possibly even you will lose the life-limiting labels and discover how they learn so they can learn. Lynda offers both academic tutoring and specialized tools to assist those with auditory and other learning challenges. They are kind, caring, and truly professional!

STEPHANIE CARTER, Coastal Cardiovascular Care 7/15/21

They provide an in-depth assessment of learning deficiencies and have multiple tools to address them. Very kind and patient teachers!

JOE & MEGAN KING, Parents 3/26/21

We couldn't be happier with the Encinitas Learning Therapy Center. Their amazing teachers have made a huge impact on our daughter and her learning. We are so grateful for the work they are doing with her and the progress she is making!

DANA OCHOA, Mother 3/23/21

Encinitas Learning Therapy Center has been such an amazing help for my son this year. My son was able to get help with his school homework assignments on days when he was not attending in-person classes at school. They understand there are a variety of needs for their students and have a ton of fun things to meet those needs. The staff seems to care deeply for the needs of all the children there. I would highly recommend them and I can't thank them enough for all their efforts. Most importantly my son loves going there, even though it involves finishing schoolwork!


ANGIE GANGE, Advocate 10/05/20

Lynda and everyone at the Encinitas Learning Center is just wonderful. :) Her program has helped so many people - children and adults! So impressive - and very patient and sweet too.

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Lynda G. Detweiler-Newcomb the Director of the Encinitas Learning Therapy Center is genuine, honest, knowledgeable, and very supportive. She provides a safe and caring environment to discuss concerns to feel comfortable and accepted. On the first visit, there is a comprehensive assessment, then Lynda takes the time to explain the issues that show up. I was intrigued by the incredible technology but what really impressed me was the personal time, specialized instruction, and individual attention. Amazing what they are able to do to help children and adults improve their lives!

CHRISTINA ALVAREZ, Advocate 4/15/20

Integrity, caring, skills & and expertise to make a difference for children!

Lynda and her team do WONDERFUL work to change the lives of kids and adults too. Her experience and knowledge are amazing. By teaching proper comprehension and study skills, she gives students more academic confidence. She puts her heart and soul into her work and I highly recommend ELC!


KELLY BAGLA, Former Student 10/19/19

Linda’s true care and compassion for her students shine through daily. Her knowledge and attention to detail to assess and come up with the best plan for your child are taken seriously. The results will bring confidence to your child. I would highly recommend Encinitas LearningRX Center to assist with challenges your child might be facing with learning.


ZACK TAYLOR, Advocate 2/12/19

Lynda and her team at Encinitas LearningRX Center are truly miracle workers when it comes to helping all ages with their learning disabilities. I wanted to learn how to read faster and Lynda helped me. I highly recommend them.


DAVE BONE, Former Student 11/16/18

ELC has been a wonderful fit for my son. Lynda's initial evaluation of my son's learning needs was dead on and her program recommendations were instrumental in closing learning gaps to bring him up to speed! Kristen has also been incredibly instrumental in helping my son feel more academically confident through good coaching in proper comprehension, organization, and study skills. My son also benefited greatly from Kristen's creative summer program of integrative teamwork skills. Their personal attentiveness and care for my son thriving confidently and feeling empowered intellectually are priceless commodities! I'm very grateful to have found ELC! My only regret is not discovering them sooner!

NADIA SAFT, Mother 9/25/18

MARLA BRUNING, Mother 9/23/18

I had the opportunity to take Lynda's new skills assessment program and really had an eye-opener. In order to grow your mental capacity, it is important to have a baseline for your starting point and this new testing is really amazing at doing that. It was cool to see almost autistic dominating strength in one area and a complete lack of understanding in other areas. I would highly recommend working with Encinitas LearningRX Center if you are looking to strengthen any areas of your mental capacity to enjoy a richer life.


Encinitas Learning Therapy Center is amazing! Lynda is very professional and caring for her students. She has many years of experience and knowledge. My son was not able to read at all and has problems with communication after working with Lynda he is talking more and is able to read simple books. Highly recommend Encinitas Learning therapy Center for all parents whose kids struggle with reading. I am very pleased and impressed with the job that Lynda and Kristin do for children who come to their office. Thank you so much!

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