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Answer 30 questions for your child and gain invaluable insights into his or her cognitive strengths and weaknesses. Make sure you use columns and rows to make scoring easier.


Score accordingly to:

0) Less often or doesn't apply to the age of this person.

1) At about the same frequency.

2) Slightly more

3) Considerably more.

4) Significantly more.


Distracted by other activities 

Has difficulty maintaining attention 

Has difficulty organizing activities  

Has difficulty doing two things at once 

Is impulsive 


Reading is slow 

Slow, deliberate speech 

Writing assignments take a long time 

Takes a long time to complete tasks 

Avoids or has difficulty with video games 


Poor reading comprehension 

Makes spelling errors in written assignments

Has difficulty sounding out known words

Oral reading is slow or choppy

Needs words repeated when taking spelling tests


Often asks to have things repeated 

Has difficulty remembering telephone numbers

Needs to look multiple times when copying

Difficulty following verbal directions

Has difficulty recalling stories and jokes


Poor sense of direction or reading maps 

Jigsaw puzzles are difficult or avoided

Takes a while to catch on to new things

Poor at or dislikes drawing

Has difficulty with word math problems


Difficulty understanding stories or jokes 

Poor at or avoids games like chess and checkers 

Misreads similar words

Doesn't like card games

Has problems seeing the big picture 

Understanding the scores

Total each group of your paper in hand.


6 or below                                  Suggests a normal range in that skill set

7-9                                              Suggest a possible weakness in those skills

10 or 11                                       Suggests a likely weakness

12 or more                                  Suggests a significant weakness

Parental Note: 

This is just an observational survey. The only way to know the extent to which weak cognitive skills are holding your child back is to have their skills professionally tested.  To schedule a comprehensive Cognitive Skills Assessment call us at 760 634-6886 or 

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