September 1, 2015

ELC Academy

In March 2009, the State of California certified the Encinitas Learning Center to teach students with mild – moderate learning differences in grades 2 – 8. The center’s school program is administered through the ELC Academy, a subdivision of the Encinitas Learning Center.

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KidThe ELC Academy teaches core academic skills using the California curriculum and materials approved by the State Board of Education. The ELC Academy was created because public schools are typically not able to provide the smaller class settings or scientifically proven technology needed to help some students with mild and moderate learning disabilities.

The ELC Academy offers a full school program during the school year as well as an extended school year (ESY) during the summer (4 – 6 weeks depending on a child’s IEP or individual needs). Each day is structured per the student’s strengths to ensure that the most difficult subjects are taught at times most likely to optimize a student’s attention and retention of lessons.

Often “gaps” in a student’s individual skills remain undetected because of the larger class sizes and every day demands on the teacher and student. The combined use of the extensive technological tools at the ELC Academy with the teaching of traditional subjects in small group or 1:1 settings provides intense customized support to help eliminate educational gaps in the shortest time possible so that the student may return to a general education setting with the core foundational skills (ie. math, reading, writing) solidly in place.

3kidsDaily lessons build upon a student’s interests and areas of strength so that the lessons are personally meaningful to the student. This individualized approach
helps students more effectively retain information and master the skills being taught. Our staff also strives to create educational strategies that students can quickly learn to help them become more independent, master academic subjects more successfully, and demonstrate their abilities more clearly.

Use of Technology: To help enhance each child’s learning experience and to help develop each student’s fundamental classroom skills, each student’s day will be supplemented by programs such as Fast ForWord® and/or other programs deemed by the student’s educational team to be appropriate. High quality special education services such as speech, occupational therapy, and other related services set forth in a student’s IEP are provided as well.

Daily Monitoring & Feedback: Frequently parents and guardians attend annual IEP meetings or receive trimester reports only to learn that their student has not met important goals or objectives. When a student fails to meet a goal or objective, this is typically an indication to the IEP team that a program, setting, support or service should be changed. Unfortunately, in most instances, a substantial amount of valuable educational time has passed before the full team learns of this information. To avoid such educational delays, the ELC Academy provides detailed daily work & progress reports where appropriate to keep all members of the educational team (which includes the parents/guardians!) aware of the work expected of and achieved by the student. This form of effective collaboration ensures that the student’s daily activities are individualized to help the student achieve success in all academic and behavior-related areas so that IEP goals and curriculum standards have a greater likelihood of being met.

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