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The Encinitas Learning Center

At Encinitas Learning Center, We Make Learning Easier

At ELC, our passion is to help each student learn more easily, think faster, and perform better. Encinitas Learning Center is conveniently located just one mile east of Moonlight State Beach in Encinitas. We deliver better learning through cognitive therapy and one-on-one brain training, making a difference in our students’ lives every day.

A Better Way to Learn

We help children, teenagers, adults and seniors overcome their learning challenges by tailoring each learning program to meet the needs of the student.

Closing the Learning Gaps

Encinitas Learning Center uses proven technologies developed by neuroscientists to help students optimize reading performance – in a matter of months, not years.


With appropriate interventions, improvement can often be seen in a matter of weeks.

Auditory Processing

Traditional hearing tests may indicate that a student’s hearing is “within normal limits” but hearing and being able to discern what is heard can be two different things for someone with an auditory processing deficit. The good news is, we can reprogram the way information is processed.


For students with dyslexia or other reading difficulties, our programs lead to huge improvements in classroom or workplace performance. Not only do reading scores increase by years, but also spelling and writing skills improve after working with our skilled trainers.

Our intensive educational therapy targets the underlying deficits, rather than trying to build skills on a shaky foundation. Once a student is processing faster and more efficiently, we can then work on reading, comprehension, writing, math, logic, and reasoning skills.

“By the end of summer, my 9 year old walked out with her head high and shoulders back and so excited to take on a new school year.”

Encinitas Learning Center is conveniently located off Encinitas Blvd, just one mile east of the I-5 at 543 Encinitas Blvd, Suite 100.



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RoadMap FOR Success

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Screening & Assessment
The key to success is getting an accurate diagnosis. That's why, at Encinitas Learning Center, we start with a thorough assessment and case history. We then tailor you or your child’s learning program to meet his or her unique needs.
Our programs are individually tailored to meet each student’s academic goals. After diagnosing a student’s strengths and weaknesses, we are able to accurately target the specific areas needing remediation and prescribe the explicit instruction needed.
At Encinitas Learning Center, our program is personalized. We work one-on-one with our students to stimulate, motivate, and coach. When a student’s unique processing challenges are properly identified and addressed, it will lead to life-changing results!
Serving children and adults with learning challenges for more than 20 years, most of our students will see growth of 20% within 6 weeks! Before coming to ELC, many of our students had never been properly diagnosed or treated. Today, they count themselves as part of the many success stories resulting from our brain-based therapies.
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Office Hours

We are here to support you! We have parent resources and live, online tutoring options from our expert staff. Call Lynda DETWEILER for more information 760-634-6886