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Our Newest Program 

Stronger Brains


We are excited to announce our new affiliation to exclusivly  bring

the Stronger Brains platform to San Diego County this summer.

This new platform trains children’s brains to improve cognitive abilities and social-emotional health. The platform is web-based for ages 10-18 and can improve cognitive functioning, learning, behavior, and mental health.

Studies show, on average, Students experience 1 months learning loss over the summer.  One study found the average student lost  17-34% of prior years learning during summer break.

The Plan

We will provide fun social and emotional exercises and brain plasticity-based exercises, researched and developed by co-founder Dr. Michael Merzenich, a recognized world authority on brain plasticity. These exercises are rooted in decades of research and hand-picked programs by Lynda Detweiler to continue transforming the lives of children in our community.


Students participating in our program build the confidence, positive self-image, and cognitive skills required for success in school and in their personal lives. Throughout the program, students develop a growth mindset, while actively building the neurocognitive skills required to achieve their goals. By equipping them with the mindset necessary to succeed and empowering them with the skills to do so, we help them improve holistically as learners and as people.

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