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Intensive Cognitive Training

June 20th - August 5th

So many Summer Camps for their bodies, we have "The One" for their Brains!

Encinitas Learning Center is proud to invite you and your family to our

25th Summer Program.

We are persistent, we are committed, we are passionate about what we can do for you, your child, our community.

Years of knowledge, research and new programs to tailor

the right program to your unique child.

The data will assure you why and how well our intensive approach works.

Your children's confidence is our priority.

Improving their cognitive skills takes work and intensity and that is why our program is designed into 70 sessions.

During 7 weeks your child will be immersed in their own tailored program.


Here how it works:

1. Cognitive Skills Assessment (30 min with child)

2. Report discussion and program assignment (30 min with parents/guardian)

3. Meet your new child at the end of Summer; on their way back to a new school year, full of new possibilities.

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