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What is an academic skills gap and how can you fix it?

Academic skill gaps are the missing links between what children need to know in a particular grade or subject and what they actually know.

Here are a few tips on what to do if you suspect your child has one or more skill gaps:

  1. Observe carefully during #homework time. What is tripping up your child? Are some tasks more difficult than others? Watch how your child approaches homework and where specifically they get stuck.

  2. The Teacher talks: Get their insight on what is happening in the classroom and if it looks similar to what you observe at home. Has your child been absent on important days and needs to catch up? Or are they having trouble focusing during instruction? Have an open conversation about what you are both seeing.

  3. The child talks: Approach the conversation lightly and not right after a frustrating homework session. Ask how your child feels during homework and in school. Your child’s perspective could offer useful information that you can share with their teacher.

  4. Contact Encinitas Learning Center and let us screen your child to access their Cognitive Functions which could be causing academic problems.

We have skill building one-on-one to tackle homework. We will develop a customized program to get your child back on track and feeling confident to go back to the classroom.

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